Only Office not working

Hi everyone.
Well, I’m a pretty beginner on things like this, I’m trying to set up my nextcloud along with onlyoffice for the first time, following this tutorial:
I followed the steps, I do have access to my nextcloud interface, I’ve already downloaded the apps of the community server and onlyoffice app from the nextcloud’s “app store”, but when I manage to create a new document, it simply does not appear the onlyoffice thing to be chosen. Someone could help me? I’m already 4 days in a row trying to solve this, and no clue what m’i doing wrong.
I’m also reaching the message error from the attached image.

ps: I’m also not an expert on apache and PHP either so I’m a completely newbie.
Thanks for your time.

Only Office needs lots of work. I am able to access a document in it but It doesn’t save the file. But try looking at the logs and see what errors appear when trying to open a document.

If you don’t mind trying a standalone OnlyOffice installation - have a look here

It does not have the “amnesia” problem with saving edited files.

I have one such instance serve 3 NC servers without issues…

okay, i’m traying a completely fresh install on 20.04 right now, if it comes to the same, i’ll give a shot on what you’ve suggested, thank your very much for your time.

well, it seams i’ll have to try what you’ve suggested. i’ll come later with news.

well, since nothing have worked, and i don’t have the intelligence necessary to make it work, i’m just giving up. thanks for those who helped.

without almost any information on your setup, instance and environment anyone would be able to help you… even if they wanted to, i’m afraid.

That was fast…
If compiling from source is what confuses you, download the ready server from here

i just think that a typical homeuser wouldn’t neccessarily need a selfcompiled onlyoffice just for the sake of bypassing built-in limits which he most prolly wouldn’t ever exceed.
suggesting a nice-to-have thing to a

is way over the top. nicely meant by you and all other here but way too much for a rookie.

further on we don’t really know anything about his instance. between the lines we could guess that he might be running a nc17 instance. but that’s not even a given.

so to keep it simple it would be better for him to upgrade to nc 18 and then run built-in community only office server.

@Glauber_Schwaab after you setup a fresh ubuntu do the following do the following.

curl -s | /bin/bash 

git clone --branch nextcloud-reloaded

# change to nextcloud directory
cd nextcloud

# edit variables 
# just change this three:
# nextcloud_fqdn          = nextcloud.toplevel.domain
# nextcloud_certificate_type  = '' 
# install_onlyoffice          = true

vim inventory

# run the playbook

you should get a running nextcloud/onlyoffice system.

than you have a reference system with all needed settings.

that could be a problem in the future if you want to update or something broke.

you may find carsten’s page helpful since he wrote some very good how to. my playbooks are based on them.


Well, after all last replyings i got a little bit motivated to begin and try again, it is not actually that i’m a home user and i need a self compiled NC or not, i’m studying to be a sysadmin, so i’m looking for all knowledge as possible, and i’m the one that is not happy just making it work, i must know, how i’m doing it, how it is working and why is it working. Btw i’ll start over, and if i face some problems, i’ll come back with more detailed information.
Really appreciate your answers.

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