Only Office disappearing content in text files

I am using NC 22.2.3. (after reistalling it from 21.x and migrating)

I also installed Only Office at the same time. v 7.3.2

Only Office worked for a bit. I used it only for text documents. After awhile, I started getting empty documents. The file was still there, but the contents were erased.

Why might Only Office files end up empty?

I mentioned that I migrated from NC 21.x. Well, it was for the same exact reason. Thinking that there was a bug some where, and it might be fixed when I upgrade.

Has anyone seen this before? If so, what is the underlying cause? How can it be fixed?

I have not yet used Only Office for anything except text files. So, I do not know if this affects them as well.



Do you use the community server from appstore or is OO running in docker?

It is from the app store.

Maybe this helps? Onlyoffice documents not saved in NextCloud - #14 by c17vfx

The community version from appstore has some flaws, for production I would suggest to run OO in a docker and connect to nextcloud.