Only half of the text file scrollable

Hello, everyone,

i have created a text file (.md) inside the nextcloud and shared it publicly with my friends.

The text is a bit longer, but only half of the text can be accessed with the arrow keys. I have two different scrollbars for the document on the right side. I don’t find it well solved. It looks like the text is already halfway done.

is that how it’s supposed to be?

For me it looks like two scroll bars are placed beside each other. Usually the right scroll bar is used to handle the main window and the left scroll bar is to scroll within that window. I assume that you’re trying to scroll down using the right scroll bar only, is thar right?

when i use the arrow keys to scroll within the document, only the left scrollbar is used. i have to move the right scrollbar with mouse/hand to see the full document.

unfortunately i could not reach the bottom of the text with the left scrollbar. so you always have to use the mouse for the right scrollbar.