Only admin's calendar can be subscribed to

Recently installed Nextcloud to my personal website, primarily driven by a desire to host my own caldav server for both business and personal needs. Right now, everything I’m doing is for experimental purposes, trying to get a feel for the program and how I could ultimately set up what I need for both my personal use and my business.

I use Thunderbird for my email client and I’m experiencing problems with calendar subscriptions. The admin user’s calendar can be subscribed to just fine by Thunderbird. But when I created a second non-admin user and tried to subscribe to that user’s calendar, it failed. Thinking that perhaps it was a misguided “feature” for only admins to be able to subscribable calendars, I tried changing the second user into an admin, but this did not solve the problem. Which leads me to conclude that something is not working correctly. I use Thunderbird 60, and found a thread suggesting a change needed to be made in about:config, which I attempted to no avail. Is this a common bug, or is there something I can do to resolve this? If I can’t have multiple users with calendars I can subscribe to, I’ll have to look at an entirely different program for the future.

would you have some specific reproduction steps for us? how did you subscribe to another users calendar?

Thanks for your response.

I subscribed in the same, normal way that one subscribes in Thunderbird. If you’re wondering whether I performed the subscription process incorrectly, I assure you that is not the case. I’ve made several attempts using multiple different Nextcloud installations trying to get to the bottom of it.

However, my experiments have led to new information. After creating a separate install on my personal domain, I first attempted a calendar subscription from a non-admin user, which succeeded. A subsequent subscription from an admin user failed in much the same fashion as my earlier attempts. So it seems it’s not a question of the user being admin or not, it’s a question of any calendar subscription from a second user. For comparison, my tests have consistently shown that subscribing to any number of additional calendars from the first user never causes a problem.

This now leads me to believe the problem source is actually in Thunderbird, not Nextcloud. My hunch is that the cookies in Thunderbird are trying to feed the first calendar’s login credentials to the second calendar subscription.