Only 2 'send from email address' options in the mail app when I have 3 IMAP accounts setup

Hi , I have 3 imap email accounts setup for my nextcloud user.

I only have the option to send from 2 of them. is this a bug or limitation ?

If I select a lower email account in the list I can change the 2 available send from email account options , so can send from any of the 3 email accounts.

but why do I have to do that ? It seams very unintuitive for users?

Unfortunately your posting doesn’t contain any information about your enviornment, the used software and app versions. It might also be helpful to provide a screenshot of the dialog to better understand your problem.

sorry my environment is;

Ubuntu 20.04
MySQL version 8.0.23
Apache 2.4.41
PHP 7.04
nextcloud ver. 20.0.8
Dovecot IMAP/POP3 Server Version

I click the from email address , only 2 options appear although I have 3 working imap email accounts configured for this user.

let me know if its not clear enough or you need any other software version details.

the only warning I have is;
There are some warnings regarding your setup.

  • The “Strict-Transport-Security” HTTP header is not set to at least “15552000” seconds. For enhanced security, it is recommended to enable HSTS as described in the security tips :arrow_upper_right:.