Online only folder for desktop app

Hello! I migrate from Dropbox to nextcloud, and I have one question:
In Dropbox their is an option to store some files online, and not to store them locally. Is it possible for Nextcloud?

Thank You.

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Yes, there is such an option. When configuring your account, you can choose whether you want to sync all the files and folders in your Nextcloud or you prefer to select only some of them. You can see in the screenshot that you can select or deselect any folder. (My client is in Spanish language but this is easy to check)

There is one thing: all the files in the root folder will be synced. But if you have a proper folder structure, it won’t be a problem.

Thank You for the response, but it seems I explained the problem in a bad way.

If I will not sync some folder, then it will disappear from my PC.
I want to see this folder, to be able to navigate in it, but all files should be stored on the server. Each time I use file it will be downloaded from server.

Is it possible?


I have the exact same problem.
Dropbox can handle this perfectly.
But it seems that it is missing in NextCloud, at least in the mac-client.

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We need this function!

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Yes this function is the best over onedrive and dropbox, when to nextcloud?

See this thread about “Virtual Drive”. Development got stuck but you can always start contributing :+1: