"Online Only" Dropbox function


im migrating to nextcloud from dropbox. In dropbox drive I had the option of having 15TB of files visible on my 500gb harddrive, by rightclicking on the folders and selecting the option “only online”. I could browse through all files, as if they were on my local harddrive, but they weren’t. Only when i right clicked them and selected “make available offline” they were downloaded - and when i didnt want them anymore, i right clicked again and selected “online only”. All these actions took place in the explorer/finder.

I have not spotted the same rightclick-option in nextcloud. I found a few old topics from 2019, but the issue wasn’t resolved, by then. Is there any chance this has been updated and integrated already?

MacBook Pro M3
Sonoma 14.1

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Virtual file support is experimental on Mac OS

The macOS VFS Beta is still a beta! We are providing it publically in order to gather feedback and bug reports, but we do not recommend you use it on production instances! This is an entirely new sync engine that has not been rigorously tested and is under active development. Use at your own risk!

You can also use WebDAV. documentation

Maybe you need two accounts at your Nextcloud. One for your sync files and one for your online (WebDAV) files. Sorry i do not use MacOS.