Ongoing video calls freeze up after a while

I don’t have an exact time-frame for this, but after a while of talking on a call, it will simply freeze the other’s video with no audio and either one or both of us will have to drop from the call and re-join to get it to work. I’ve checked the server logs and I don’t see any useful logging at all, just incoming HTTP requests.

I’m using the Nextcloud docker library image version 14.0.3 and Nextcloud Talk app version 4.0.0 with an nginx container in front of it for Let’s Encrypt. I have a custom TURN/STUN server configured, following the steps in this forum post. The backend database is PostgreSQL 11 in a docker container as well. Both participants are using Firefox 63 on Windows 10.

Any help would be much appreciated! When it works for the short time it does, it’s wonderful but these freezes/interruptions are a real nuisance.

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Was about to log the same problem, still investigating my logs. It started a couple of weeks ago. First thought it was a fluke, but there is a pattern and it is reproducible.

For me it is roughly about 20-25 minutes until the call is dropped. Rejoining works and then after another 20-25 minutes the same.

Also Nextcloud 14.0.3 and nginx but all manually installed, no dockers. Also have a custom separate Turn server (coturn). I’ve tried client combination with Nextcloud mobile app and Windows 10 Firefox client with same problem.

Hope this helps in pointing to a solution.

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Have you resolved your issues?

I experience similar problems on NC 15.0.5, Spreed 5.0.2 and Talk Android 3.2.6 (both participants), nginx 1.15.x and coturn on Debian 9 VPS.

Freezes of video and audio happen more or less irregular. The worse the internet connection or bandwidth is, the sooner it happens. In that case only rejoining the call helps. :frowning: