OneNote Wiki to nextcloud or alternatives

I have a OneNote Database as Wiki System and I want to migrate it to nextcloud if it is possible.
I usually copy the content from web pages into OneNote pages.
In OneNote I can search over all sections, pages and notebooks.

Which Wiki System to you use?
nextcloud Collectives?

Regards Arthur

we had multiple discussions here… look at collectives if this doesn’t satisfy your requirement I would go with joplin - - IMHO the most comprehensive OSS OneNote competitor

Sorry, I forgot to tell you, I use OneNote 2016 with a local Database on my NAS.
I don’t want a Cloud Solution.

At moment I use OneNote only as Wiki, not for notes.

Joplin runs perfectly local-only or you can even easily host your own “Joplin server” which is superior to simple WebDAV sync…

I don’t get this:

what is exactly the difference of “notes” vs “wiki” in your eyes?

I think notes are meant for a person himself.

The wiki is a knowledge base for all users