OneDrive to NextCloud data migration


I have installed the OneDrive data migration app and configured OAuth with OneDrive as well.
When click on connect account the app is redirecting to instead of O365 onedrive link.
Is there any way to change the redirection or any other to be installed to get O365 OneDrive.


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I think the problem has already been addressed here but the question hasn’t been answered until now:

I can’t get any files migrated, I have Files.ReadWrite.All enabled in the app. I can import contacts. But, import is just stuck I have granted the access from the user account at

0 files imported (0 B) (0%)
Import job is scheduled
Onedrive import process will begin soon

Any idéa?

I also just hit the fault mentioned by the OP. There are already two open issues for it:

Both have been open, and not actioned, for many many months !

I have just added my assessment of the issue onto the most recent, #22. Please see this issue for more technical details.

From what I can see essentially the app is using a deprecated older version of the MS OAuth API, that does not support authentication for ‘Office 365’ accounts, only ‘personal’ MS accounts.

I’d be very grateful if anyone better informed than I, could have a look at this, as I may have got all the above completely wrong !

Given Nextcloud’s desire to take customers away from Microsoft OneDrive, TBH I’m pretty shocked the Integration App has been so badly neglected.