One way video only with signaling server and Talk app

Hi Everyone,

I set up the open sourced HPB signaling server as per described in gitlab using caddy as reverse proxy and it works as expected with browsers, but between the browser - mobile app (android 8.0.9) they don’t find each other for the first time.

If I call from the mobile I can pick it up in the browser, but there is no video /audio on the browser, it “waits for others to join the call”, however I hear and see video on the APP.

If I call from my browser the situation is similar, now I have the audio / video in the browser but only audio in the APP and after 45 sec it is reporting “no answer was received”.

The only one time it works on both sides if I call the APP from the browser, accept the call from the APP. Disconnect and reconnect in the browser -but stay in with the APP- and disable / re-enable the video of the APP. This way I have audio / video on both.

What else could be looked at to have both audio / video on browser and the APP?

Thanks for any further hints!


If connections to mobile clients don’t work, it’s mostly a missing STUN or TURN server.

Hi, there is a STUN / TURN server configured in the Nextcloud Talk and the verification is successful for that. Also I can see the incoming connections on the Turn server and being routed towards the signaling server.

But, what is interesting, that while the forward field from the turn towards signaling server is always filled in if I use browsers (on same or different networks as well) this is missing on one of the directions if I use a mobile client.

So, indeed there is something on the Turn server, but what could be different if it works with any browser but not with the client?