One way chat with NC Talk

Dear all,

I’ve a strange behavior with Nextcloud Talk. I use Talk on iOS version 15.1.1 with a counterpart (same version). The counterpart can receive all my messages, but can’t answer, seing his account as offline. I do suspect with happens only when using WiFi and probably behind a firewall filtering some ports.
I just need to be able to chat, calls are not necessary. What other ports are needed, except 443, to allow chat only ? I my assumption correct, saying a firewall could restrict some ports?


In this case just https (so 443) is needed.
What exactly do you mean by „he can’t answer“? Is he unable to write or do messages of him not reach you?


Actually, she was able to receive and read all my messages, but the status was displaying “Offline, displays only downloaded messages” , and no answer was possible… That’s why I was wondering if some FW in the middle could affect something.

Back on 4G data, everything was great again…


Ah, so when on 4G everything works, then yes, that might be a firewall problem. Or maybe an IPv4/IPv6 problem (when nextcloud is only exposed to IPv6, but the wifi is IPv4-only).
When in offline mode, only messages that were downloaded before will be visible, so no new messages are received.

Check if your nextcloud server is reachable at all through wifi and then go from there.