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Hello Everyone,

I am new to nextcloud but found it to been pretty good. I have a few ideas and i dont know how or what is the best setup. I know alot of people on here have alot of experience I will do my best to describe what I have currently and what I would like to setup. Any advise/input would be appreciated. I am very new to Nextcloud and playing with the idea to see if possible and if so, how so that I can get it started asap.

I would like to setup a single point of access/login. That part i figured out have a several dual and quad processor servers with more than 256GB of Ram that I can use and I can install nextcloud on. I also have 8 qnaps (which have 5 have owncloud 8 and 3 have owncloud x), and 2 nextcloud on dietpi.

I know I can crate a federation between the current nextclouds and ownclouds. ( I haven’t yet) I did see that someone made a nextcloud for qnap but its not in the official download so I don’t want to cause my current nas to become unstable. If anyone has any experience with this that would be great to know.

I would like to the main server that will act as the entry point (domain and ssl enabled). The current qnap nas all are in raid 5, would it be possible that the data is saved both on the nas and the sever? Would it double up as additional redundancy? Would this be suggested? (main server and qnap nas devices are at the same location in our house)

I looked up the Nextcloud Global Scale but don’t see how this would work in this setup, the owncloud on the qnap nas I don’t know if that is full setup or scaled down for the nas device only. For our businesses this would make sense because it would be over 100+ users (that will be for another project).

Would I have to configure each nextcloud and owncloud to have the same type of data base setup? Do they have to share the data base?

Would the users of the owncloud on the nas devices have access to nexcloud talk? Online editing, etc that would be on the main server?

If no, would it be possible?

If yes, how does the user profiles need to be setup? Can the users of the owncloud login via the main nextcloud server and data still be stored on the owncloud nas they are user of?

Can the data be stored on the nas and main server? Or will it be only on the nas? (which I am ok with)

Is it possible to have all the different instances both nextcloud and owncloud share calendars, contacts, apps, etc.

If it can how?

As can be seen from the questions I have, I don’t know very much other than just what I have goggled and really didn’t see much in the answers.

Any ideas, suggestions, that would be great. Thank you

Setting up all of that would require one to have the knowledge of managing that setup and you don’t appear to have that based on this question.

So the first thing I would do is hire someone to set this up for you.

To answer one of your questions you can use S3 as the primary storage backend which should in theory allow multiple instances of nextcloud to run on the same storage backend. I’m not sure if it would work out in practice.

Good luck!

ok well i guess based on your answer what i am asking is not possible in nextcloud. Thank you for your time to answer.

The amount of people who have used what you’re attempting are staggeringly small.

So rather then take my word for it you should actually hire someone to look into this for you and maintain it.

Nextcloud is open source. I have no idea about owncloud. You can code customizations into nextcloud that fit your organization.

Thank you and have a good day.

thank you for your assumptions in my limited ability.

Perhaps you can change all to nextcloud. But if all users use one entry server (web, app, webdav, talk, …) there is perhaps a problem with performance.

ok great, lets say we all connect nextcloud running servers, what do you recommend that should be done that can improve performance?

More server and a optimize nextcloud software.

One Nextcloud would be best imo, or use federation.

One NC instance should run just fine on the server you have for 100+ users. You could put the data on the NAS, the db on one server and the web server on another. If you need you can separate out caching, office and fulltext search (elasticsearch) to other hardware. This same approach can work for multiple federated instances.

Likely your NAS wil become the first bottleneck, iowait. Raid 5 is not very fast, I would recommend raid 10 with ssd cache for the best performance, or full SSD of course.

Move every instance to the same version either way, just the latest NC, this simplifies maintenance, any troubleshooting and tuning.

This somewhat older presentation might give you an idea where to start:

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For scaling purposes primary S3 storage can run multiple nextcloud instances. Then you can put multiple reverse proxy servers in front of it. With cache enabled you can increase your bandwidth by an exponentially increasing scale.

tl;dr nextcloud can scale really well if you know what you’re doing.

Your bottleneck is going to be the storage backend. S3 can scale indefinitely. NAS has a limited number of drives. If you’re using something like storage spaces direct you still have a limitation on what you can scale to.

Good luck.

A bit OT, but anyone tried Nextcloud with CockroachDB?

@Krischan Cool, maybe start a new thread?

thank you everyone, sweet, ok i, going to try it and report back. thank you for the suggestions.

thank you for the scaling nextcloud pdf link

the nas they already have ssd cache, i will change to raid 10.

The cockroachdb i will look into that, that would be interesting, thank you for the suggestion, i will update in the next few days. Thank you,

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Hi … are you able to setup NextCloud with CockroachDB . Thanks

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