On the verge of OC rollout now this..What to do.?

Hello and congratulations on your new endeavor and for having to guts to stand up for what you believe in. After several weeks of getting OC community edition up on a VPS, syncing up 100GB of data into the cloud and a plan this week to deploy 20 MAC and windows clients this announcement happens. We want to stick with nextcloud for sure but can you provide any input on when a complete release might be available to download? I know I have read July but does this also include all the client sync packages for windows and mac?

And will the process of going from OC to NextCloud after the fact be possible/supported? Our project has been delayed a few times and I hate to do it again. But we will if we had a date this might be available.

Good luck to you guys. It is a super exciting project!


Roll out ownCloud, then upgrade once its done


We were in a similar situation, started with OC 8.5, upgraded to 9 and then the NextCloud news… we did a troublefree upgrade to Nextcloud 9.0.50.
However be warned you may have to readjust the theme if you just to an upgrade.

All the best!