Old data folder on new install

Hi all,

This is for a fresh brand new install of NC21 on Ubuntu20LTS/Mysql8/PHP7.4/Redis/Nginx

Old server was NC21 Ubuntu18LTS/Nginx/PHP7.4/Mysql8/Redis

The install is completed on new server:
1 - I transferred the old data (145Gigs) folder to /mnt on the new server

2 - I added the chown www-data ownership to the new location “/mnt/data”

3 - Changed the data directory path to “mnt/data” in the new config folder

4 - I copied the .ocdata from new data folder to old data folder

5 - restarted nginx & php-fpm services too.

None of the old users, contacts, calendars, and files are showing up in the new install, just the default stuff.

I must be missing something? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Did you also restore the database?
If not, the missing things might be clear

a possible workaround is only to create the users again and then scan the folders for new files.

Hi kerberos

I haven’t moved anything from the old db.

The old server is still functional, so if I do an sqldump off old one and restore onto new db it should resolve my quandary?


So I did a mysql dump of old server nextcloud db, and imported into new server db. All went good

But I am now getting an internal server error from nextcloud.

I am still stuck trying to figure out how to transfer the contents/ users/ calendars/ contacts/etc… onto new server.

I am pretty sure that the dump from old db went successful, but I cannot open nextcloud.

Also, I noticed that the changing the directory path in the config file, only transferred the default data items to the new location, nothing else

Dang internet, makes this sound so easy

I cannot say if it resolves your issue. It was just an idea, because only moving files should be clear it won’t work. How should your new instance know about the existence of the files?

For these you could run an occ filescan from command line (check NC documentation), but for the calendar entries, no idea.