[OJSXC] Problem with e-mail-address for authentification

my setup is nc 13 with ldap authentification - users authentificate with e-mail.

I got ejabberd and prosody to work following the tutorial.
I also did standalone setups with ejabberd and prosody using ldap as authentification.

In all cases the problem seems to be that users authentificate with the full e-mail-adress - "for@example.com".

Has anyone a idea or hint in which direction I should do my research to get authentification with e-mail-address to work?

Thanks in advance!

If you authenticate your xmpp server and nextcloud against your ldap server, the login with e-mail addresses should work. Please verify that your xmpp server is working with other desktop clients like pidgin and check your logs and javascript console. If you still have trouble, please open an issue at https://github.com/jsxc/jsxc/issues