Offline usage: when is this coming?

Hi, Google docs/sheets/slides has decent support for when you’re offline. When is this kind of functionality coming to Collabora/nextcloud office?

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as Collabora/Nextcloud office is part of Nextcloud Website offline functionality is kind of useless. If you sync your files locally you can use local office suite to edit your files…


I guess syncing offline is the only solution. It’s not as seamless as Google docs though… Bevause there you can just be working on a document. Internet cuts out (for whatever reason) and you can continue working. It auto syncs when you’re back online. All within the same browser tab.

With nextcloud i would have be actively think about opening it through a local editor ‘because I might lose internet connection, who knows’.

So I just mean that gsuite is more seamless on this front

You can install and use LibreOffice as offline-editor. Its Server may be configured as WebDAV to Nextcloud.

But I never tested it, because I don’t need this connection via WebDAV.

As you technically get just a stream of the libreoffice on another computer I guess this offline functionality will not be possible in a simple way…