Official docker image: no updater.phar


I currently try to set up a new instance of Nextcloud, this time with the official container image from Docker Hub.

I also try to automate the update process, so I went through the documentation if that’s possible, and it seems like it: update.html

The problem is, the /var/www/nextcloud/updater/updater.phar does not exist.

I mounted the permanent volume on /var/www/html (as per documentation of the docker image) and let the image populate the directory itself, but neither do I have nextcloud directory under /var/www nor under the html subdirectory. The updater.phar file is also nowhere to be found (search inside the container via find / -iname 'updater*').

Is there something borked on my end or do I need some different care with the image?

There’s nothing wrong with your image. Docker images are generally updated themselves (rather than updating what’s in them).

To trigger an update and then NC upgrade it’s literally:

docker compose pull
docker compose up -d


(Well, depending on how you tag your image name in your Docker compose file. I suggest at least tagging a specific major version so you’re not upgraded to the next major version unexpectedly. Something like nextcloud:27-apache rather than just nextcloud).

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Hmm, interesting that this info isn’t on the page in Docker Hub and just links to the normal documentation (the one I showed) instead.

But this simplifies things.

Anyway, thanks for the info.

Yeah, Docker Hub pages have length limitations so Docker Hub often cuts off the pages any images that have extensive README docs. When that happens there’s a tiny banner added at the top (which I think Docker Hub generates) that usually contains the links to the full docs/README for that image:

Note: the description for this image is longer than the Hub length limit of 25000, so has been trimmed. The full description can be found at See also docker/hub-feedback#238 and docker/roadmap#475.

I suppose one approach to make it more clear would be to provide only a really short DH page that links outbound to the real docs.

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