Office suite? Comparison?

I am at the point where i want to add an office suite. WE tried the only office from the app store, only to find it that it is buggy.

I know of three work with NC:
Only Office
NextCloud Office
Collabora Online

I will be upgrading from v22 to v23 very soon. I mention this because I know that NC 23 has nextcloud office integrated in to it.

Installation and configuration of the 3, do they come with any challenges or difficulties that one should be aware of?
I mentioned my upgrade to NC v23. Will the upgrade include the NextCloud office suite? If not, is it easy enough to install?

AS for usage of each suite, are they all pretty much very powerful suites, or are the highlights or shortcomings in any of them?? I am not a power user, so we are not worried about the advanced features as much.


Just a note: Whether OnlyOffice, Collabora or Nextcloud Office (also Collabora), a separate installation is always recommended. See:

for improved performance it is highly recommended to switch to a dedicated Collabora Online installation