Office suite? Comparison?

I am at the point where i want to add an office suite. WE tried the only office from the app store, only to find it that it is buggy.

I know of three work with NC:
Only Office
NextCloud Office
Collabora Online

I will be upgrading from v22 to v23 very soon. I mention this because I know that NC 23 has nextcloud office integrated in to it.

Installation and configuration of the 3, do they come with any challenges or difficulties that one should be aware of?
I mentioned my upgrade to NC v23. Will the upgrade include the NextCloud office suite? If not, is it easy enough to install?

AS for usage of each suite, are they all pretty much very powerful suites, or are the highlights or shortcomings in any of them?? I am not a power user, so we are not worried about the advanced features as much.


Just a note: Whether OnlyOffice, Collabora or Nextcloud Office (also Collabora), a separate installation is always recommended. See:

for improved performance it is highly recommended to switch to a dedicated Collabora Online installation

Thanks. I was aware of this already, but thanks for the reminder.

I am still looking to get a comparison between the three suites to see which might be better.

Thanks for any feedback.


Each Office suite mentioned is a full featured suite. Much of the choice between those three comes down to personal preference.

Several years ago, I tried integrating Libreoffice (aka Collabora) with Nextcloud on the same Linode-based server. It worked. However, it was exceedingly slow if as few as two users were editing independent documents. I imagine the system resource usage is still quite high. I also imagine the resources needed to run smoothly for 10 users or so would be sufficient for 30 users.

So… unless you have a many core server with lots of RAM, my guess is the self-hosted Office suite of any flavor will be less than satisfying.

I find that 90% of my thoughts can be edited using the Markdown editor. The final formatting can be done on a regular PC. I do very little collaborative editing on fully formatted documents.

@smokinjo since you know what each is, all you need to do is go to their github repositories to read exactly what does and does not work. It is a quick search away and then you can make your decision.

Thanks for the feedback.

AS stated, I coudl try and read the documentation, but I ampostingthis out here for two reasons:

1 - I am looking to see if there are any challenges during installation of any of them that might be cause for concern, or are they perfectly straightforward installs?

2 - As for features, I was looking for opinions based on peoples usage of each of them, since quirks and things come out upon usage that are not found in the documentation.

Thanks for any comments.


well nobody can guarantee that an installation would go without any flaws for you. All I can say is: in the broad majority of cases it’s pretty easy to set the desired functionality up. But sometimes there are problems.
I personally wouldn’t suggest to try that on a shared hosting.

I think in the end it’s just a matter of your personal taste or not. Of course no software is without quirks and even if such an additional software would work NOW there’s no guarantee that it would work with next version as well.

Maybe another point.

I think that OnlyOffice is more executed on the client and less on the server. Collabora Online / Nextcloud Office is less executed on the client and more on the server. Maybe yo need more CPU, RAM, … on the server for Collabora Online / Nextcloud Office. But for slow clients it could be useful to use Collabora Online instead of OnlyOffice.

Can anyone confirm this? Does anyone know how much more server CPU, RAM is used for Collabora Online instead of OnlyOffice on the server?

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I tried both on my small setup and never kind of noticed any major difference. But that must not mean something… others might have a different setup with an even smaller server or more users and thus it could differ

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Those are good points. It would be good to know if one is more client or server based. In my case, a couple of people have slower computers over a slower internet connection.