Office Online Server Integration ,License problem

I set Office Online Server on Nextcloud 19.0.4+PHP 7.2.23+Apache2.4.27

I get following messages when I opened office document.

Excel powerpoint word

I downloaded Office Online Server from volume license service center.
And I have an on-premises Office suite license with Software Assurance.

Let me know how to solve it.

Best to contact Microsoft. They likely need to activate something for you.

See also this thread: MS Office Online Server as document editor in Nextcloud

They didn’t give me a solution with showing statement.

Note that Office Online Server only works with SharePoint web applications that use claims-based authentication.

Out of my depth here, suspect they tell you to have ADFS which supports claims based authentication. I don’t know enough about how exactly the Nextcloud integration works and what tokens it exchanges, hope someone else can comment on that.

I have lost ‘-EditingEnabled’ in the command below.

‘New-OfficeWebAppsFarm -InternalURL “http://servername” -AllowHttp -EditingEnabled’

After adding ‘-EditingEnabled’,it’ok.

A help please?

Is the Microsoft Online Server license single? That is, do I get the license and install it and can I use it for as many users as I want on my nextcloud?

Grateful, I hope you made me understand.