Office Online error message "Something went wrong"

Describe the bug
When trying to open a document, I am getting the below error:

Something went wrong and we couldn’t load this content. Refreshing the browser may fix the problem.

Session ID: 00ea8c99-9971-49b8-bf2a-7d18a81804bb

I have tried this with both a new document created in nextcloud as well as a document that was already created with content that was uploaded to next cloud. I also tried this with new Excel and PowerPoint files all with the same result.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Install Office Online
  2. Configure it to point to the correct URL
  3. Open a document.
  4. Error received

Expected behavior
The document to open in Word Online


Client details:

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Browser: Microsoft Edge Dev
  • Version 88.0.705.9 (Official build) dev (64-bit)
  • Device: Desktop

Server details

Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04

Web server: Apache (VirtualMin)

Database: MySQL

PHP version: 7.4

Nextcloud version: 20.02

Version of the officeonline app 1.0.1

Version of Office Online server 2019

Something I did notice was when I view the browser’s developer tools network tab, I seen this:


When I use Bing’s awesome URL decoder, I see the WOPISrc is set to https://hub.domain.tld/index.php/apps/officeonline/wopi/files/158652_oc0pvcwbiol5

When I visit that URL this is what I see. And that is for a document that already existed and had data in it.



I can confirm the issue is still happening with Nextcloud version 20.0.4 and app version 1.0.2