Office Document Preview Images not Working

I’m running NextCloud 14 on Debian 9 Stretch. The Richdocuments app is installed and running against a Collabora CODE 4.0rc2 server, but I’m not sure if this is even relevant.

In the activity view, I do not see any previews for any Office document, only broken image icons:


I cannot exclude that I somehow explicitly configured NextCloud not to generate Office document previews for security reasons, but I cannot find any corresponding configuration setting any more, and even if I did NextCloud surely should not simply display create a broken file reference but show some kind of default icon instead, as it successfully does for files it really cannot create a preview for?

You will find further details about how to setup the preview settings in the Administrator documentation.

Thanks for the link!

I had a look at it, but the string “preview” does not appear anywhere in my config.php file.

So apparently, my Nextcloud instance uses default settings in this regard.

Also if previews would be disabled, why would nextcloud show a broken image reference on the activity screen in this case?

Previews of many file types, like PDFs, work fine in the sidebar. Nextcloud does not seem to try to display preview images for Office files in the sidebar, though, only big document icons…

Interestingly, I just noticed that a separate Nextcloud installation on a different server shows exactly the same behaviour… And it’s even Nextcloud 15 there, not Nextcloud 14, so even a different Nextcloud version… Rather strange…

Do Office document icons or previews work for anyone at all in the activity view? Also if the Richdocuments app is installed, it’s installed in both instances here?

I cannot tell you where Nextcloud exactly takes the preview icons from for the different files types,
but I couldn’t see any broken link in the activity log on my server. There is always a valid image displayed.

Mh… Rather strange… I’m clueless…

You’re also using Collabora CODE / Richdocuments?

No, I’m not using Collabora but I’m using all kind of other document types, including OpenOffice documents.

Ok, seems to be a bug with the Richdocuments app (Collabora app) - if I disable it, I correctly get document icons for office documents in the activity stream.

If I enable the Richdocuments app, I immediately get the broken image links. Strange that noone else reported it so far…

I created a bug for it: