Office apps don't open

Hi all,

I have office installed on my NC. When I open a new document or template it opens a new tab but just says loading with a spinning wheel. Nothing happens and I end up having to close the tab. Does anyone know what the issue could be? I’ve attached a screenshot.

I installed NC and the office app from the apps but it just doesn’t seem to want to open documents. Thanks in advance.

goto administrator settings under management office set the correct server.

Nextcloud Collabora integration

Not sure why you are blindly copying that response for every office issue.

For NC25 where people are using the CODE server instead of the docker image, that guide would seem to be kinda useless.

  1. because it helps
  2. because you didn’t provide any useful information… please be thankful you ever got a response
  • CODE isn’t specific installation method it’s COllabora Developer Edition which can be installed in various ways
  • likely you mean built-in CODE server and it has been proven the guide helps to understand and solve issues with built-in server
  • NC25 perfectly works with separate Docker image or completely separated CODE/COOL installation

I see you are full of knowledge which is not included in the guide - become valuable community member and help other with more valuable guide

Not really. As I said, it all assumes CODE is running in a docker container.

I’m not the OP of this thread. So you don’t pay much attention I see…

You really showed me…

it doesn’t… it mainly shows how WOPI protocol works

same as you… when you find major config issue after 5 completely useless posts

Oh you’re one of those social media types, I post more, so I know more. I see now.

Guys, I didn’t want to cause any arguments…

My settings are attached. I thought I’d set it up okay…

As I say, I open a new document and it just says loading and never loads, even after a few hours nothing loads.


hi @iabm it’s not your problem… it’s the other guy.

  • Please work through the guide I referenced above and read the references…
  • check server logs
  • your browser console (F12 > network tab) and try to spot any issue. often the problem is due to DNS or reverse proxy issue. as you see a warning regarding “allow-list for WOPI” this could a problem as well… maybe your internal instance doesn’t allow any access…

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