Office 365 app nextcloud integration

I’ve been utilizing nextcloud on iOS 11 in conjunction with Microsoft office 365 and other apps.

I run into some issues that’s really tanked my productivity and usability on iOS. Primarily nextcloud is not recognized as a location under other locations to save files. An example of Microsoft 365 when saving documents and I have to copy to nextcloud app then select the location one at a time. This is extremely time-consuming and not practical for managing Office productivity with the nextcloud instance. Microsoft 360 doesn’t offer nextcloud as a service to connect.

On iOS will it ever be as simple as selecting a source folder to save in the cloud on a per app basis Instead of this saved by copy to app? Thank you for letting me vent…
Any recommendations?

Office of course only supports its own cloud backends. My recommendation would be asking that same question on the MS Forums.

If you integrate you NC instance via Webdav which is mounted in your filesystem, that should work, since office then dont know its a NC. But i have no idea how to do this on apple devices.

Since onedrive is installed on all windows and hard to remove just use it. Add it as a folder sync connection to nextcloud. That way you never deal with it and office is happy.

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Is that an actual workflow? I was looking for that since I use OneDrive, as well, and really don’t want to wreck my folder structure when I set up NextCloud.

at least there is a one-drive-app available at nextcloud’s appstore. dunno who good or bad it works since i always resisted handiong my data (at least more than neccessary) over to MS