Odoo & NextCloud Communication (Contact, Calendar, Task)

Hi Everyone;
I had this crazy dream last night;

Which consist of a nextcloud apps doing the translation between contact, calendar, task/todo between odoo and nextcloud. Maybe in a second time, make them interacting to make a GED’ish apps.

The only trouble I’m a dopey in programming, but learning.

So my question, is more to have your input about if this is feasible, if this is a good idea and on a rank of 1 to 9 where you think it is as 9 is you need to be a Python Killer Bee.


I don’t know Odoo very well but I am thinking to do something similar with ERPnext.

Never the less, it should in theory work to some extend with CalDAV already, i.e. you have a calendar in Odoo and add it as an external CalDAV calendar syncronize with the Nextcloud calender and task app.

And if one-way communication is fine you can also just subscribe to an ical feed from odoo.

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Hi Krischan;

Thanks for your quick and full of hope anwser.
Considering ERPnext is a fork of Odoo and those function are quite basic, I’ll definitely try your apps.
Just keep me in touch with your project :slight_smile: and have a nice day.

Oh and i’m curious, why you choose ERPnext over Odoo ?

ERPnext isn’t a fork of Odoo (I think you mean OpenERP), but the functionality is similar. The main difference for me is that ERPnext can be more easily customized for rather untypical business processes.

I googled a bit and it might be that you have to install a CalDAV plugin into Odoo to get it working though. In Nextcloud it is supported out of the box.

Edit: also look into CardDAV for contact sharing, I think Nextcloud also supports that.

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Did u manage to integrate caldav / carddav in ERPnext? I’m planning to start using it but I haven’t yet test it myself and I was wondering if such thing would be possible.

Sadly not yet supported in ERPnext it seems. But it is a much asked for feature, so I am hoping it will be implemented sooner or later.

Thanks for the info.

I find it very weird why opensource projects instead of using open standards such as caldav, reinvent the wheel each time.

And so far so good, for now Odoo just allow to import a CalDAV.

I have the same dream …
There is a module odoo nexcloud that exists that I tested … and for caldav … a Spanish company made a module caldav in odoo … but I have not done it yet …

In short if someone to feedback experiences …

Hallo all,

we are pushing developlement for integration erpnext and nextcloud here:

Thank you for your help


so how goes the project ?


the project is 80% payed for and there is a first PR on github.

Please check out original link for further information.


With Jira and other similar apps getting official dashboard integrations recently, are there plans for Odoo or erpnext as well?