Odd log entries U2F/WebAuthn

Hello all,

Until now I used the app Two-Factor U2F, which is now discontinued with the reference to the use of Two-Factor-WebAuthn-App.

After disabling and uninstalling U2F and installing and setting up WebAuth, the following entry appears in the log:

Error core 1 two-factor auth providers failed to load.	
Error core two-factor auth provider 'u2f' failed to load

And this happens every time after logging in via WebAuthn.

I also can’t expand the error messages to get more hints. Every time after login there are only these entries and the log entries are constantly expanding.

Does anyone have an idea how I can fix this?


Is there a command outside the web interface to uninstall ‘u2f’? I have uninstalled ‘u2f’ via the web interface and still the message appears in the log file:

Error core two-factor auth provider 'u2f' failed to load

Whereas, uninstalled it already is. :worried:

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This app is deprecated as of two days ago.

⚠️ Deprecated ⚠️ Two-Factor U2F - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud

Seems you’ll need to migrate to

Check their github repos for reported issues and fixes. File there if you need to.