OCS API Question

Hi, Is there a way using the OCS API (or otherwise) for a client to distinguish between a Nextcloud and an ownCloud installation?

Since I am developing an iOS client for a Nextcloud/ownCloud app that exposes a similar but not identical API I want a simple reliable way to query for the platform instead of trying some call and see if it fails (since that would depend on the version of the app on the server side regardless of platform).

I thought productname would give me what I want, but that actually return the theming name…

how about a GET /status.php?

That’s exactly what I have been doing but the included productname is actually the name given by the user on the theming settings page.

I found that version.php has a vendor variable. I am going to try retrieving that.

Yes but based on the version from status.php you can guess that it’s Nextcloud if the major version is > 10 :wink:

Yes, I thought about doing that. I guess it would be reliable enough. Nextcloud also seems to never increment the minor version number…