OCR not started on shared-to directories. Works on my directories

NC Version 11.01, current OCR app.

When I want to OCR a file that has been uploaded by me, but resides on a directory that has been shared to me, OCR will not start but display an error in the log:

OCP\AppFramework\Db\DoesNotExistException: Did expect one result but found none when executing: query "SELECT file_target FROM *PREFIX*share WHERE file_source = ? AND share_with = ? AND uid_owner = ?"; parameters Array ( [0] => 168228 [1] => current.user[2] => OwnerOfSharedDir ) ; limit ""; offset ""

When I login as (OwnerOfSharedDir), OCR works fine.

Is this reproducible or shall I do some more tests?

OCR does not support shared files.