OCR application does not work after update to (probably due language settings)

After some time (maybe 2 months) I updated OCR application to the version 4.4.1 and since then it does not work.
Every access to “files” application and also to the setup page shows the message on top of the page:

OCR: An unexpected error occured during load of your favorite languages. Please try again.

When I tried to access OCR setup as an admin, I see only page title () and the rest is empty - I don’t see any options there (only rotating circle that means “I am working”).

The behaviour is the same also in current version (4.4.3). Before this update, OCR worked well.
I don’t remenger the previous version. Language settings (if I remember it correctly) were “czech”, “german”, “english” and “spanish”.

Can someone help me ?

Hi, I’ll just link the corresponding issue on GitHub here. If there is a fix for it, it will be resolved over there anyway :wink: