OCP package not available in PHPStorm - Development environment setup

Hi there!

I’m a rookie and I would like to develop Nextcloud apps. I have a question regarding my dev environment. I setup a Nextcloud in Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and use PHPStorm on Windows.

I checked out the notestutorial and opened the project in PHPStorm. When I open any class PHPStorm can’t find the OCP package. E.g. in the NoteApiController.php class PHPStorm cant find

use OCP\AppFramework\ApiController;
use OCP\AppFramework\Http\DataResponse;
use OCP\IRequest;

How do I configure my dev environment/PHPStorm to get auto completion for the Nextcloud classes?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


to develop apps for Nextcloud a instance of https://github.com/nextcloud/server/ is required. Setup the server first and then place your app inside apps/. https://github.com/juliushaertl/nextcloud-docker-dev is a docker-compose script to help you with the setup.

For CI/CD there is package available: https://packagist.org/packages/christophwurst/nextcloud_testing.

So do I have to open the whole /var/www/nextcloud folder as project in PHPStorm?


Also, after you checkout nextcloud/server run git submodule update --init inside it to download 3d party libraries.

no, you can add the server repository path in the PHP include path config in the PHPStorm settings.

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Ok what I did now is:

  • Clone the nextcloud server repo on my windows
  • Clone the notes tutorial into nextcloud/apps
  • In Ubuntu WSL goto /var/www and create symlinc to the nextcloud repo
    ln -s /mnt/c/path/to/nextcloud/repo nextcloud
  • follow the dev env doku and the notes tutorial doku to install dependencies and do configuration
  • open the nextcloud repo in PHPStorm on my windows machine

Seems to work for now. Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

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I didn’t think of this, but honestly, I like to have the entire Nextcloud “close” and searchable by the IDE so that I can compensate for the lack of documentation and search the code quickly :slight_smile:

Right, that was my old trick with Netbeans as well where I could open multiple projects inside a single window. Ever since switching to phpstorm I just open Nextcloud as a whole.