.ocdata file missing


Recently, my server went into “maintenance mode”, I restarted my virtual machine and appeared my corrupted data disk, I managed to restart my disk without losing data.

After repairing the disk, an error appears:

The cron task could not be executed via CLI. These technical errors appeared:
Your directory is not valid Make sure that the data directory contains a “.ocdata” file at its root.

for info I created this file on my “DATA” disk because it disappeared.

I don’t know where to look

Can you help me?
Thank you


after several searches, I found a similar subject:

Now I have a big latency problem, it takes almost 30secende before the page loads. Ideas?

Please don’t mix-up different issues under one single headline, instead open a new one if necessary. I would recommend to use the search function of the forum in advance, because similar requests are being asked on a regular base :wink: