Occ Problems with desktop client and files


I migrated my Nextcloud server and in a documentation it was indicated that I had to do the command sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --all the problem being that as soon as this command was executed all the clients started to download all the content and since this day Nextcloud file indicates me in date of modification the day or I executed the command.

The synch clients are sending files with date dd1
The occ will rescan the exact same files, modifying the DD1 to DDnow

There should be no missing files or problems, just DD differences

Yes, but how do you reset the original date of the files?

you don’t…

Or, stop all synch, erase files, clean DB, restart nextcloud, restart synch. Dont occ file:scan…

Worth the work ??

No thanks for all :wink:

Is it possible then in nextcloud files to hide the modification date column?