Occ group:list shows old name

Can somebody please try this to make sure I’m not doing something silly. I had a group (not group folder) called “IT Support Members” which I’ve renamed to “IT Support Team”. However, occ group:list still shows the old name. Am I missing something simple?

The group names are stored in the “oc_groups” database table. There are two columns in that table: ‘gid’ and ‘displayname
When you change the name of a group, you only change the displayname. The gid is never changed to keep the database consistent.

The reason is that occ group:list displays the gid and not the displayname

You can see the oc_groups table with this query:

SELECT * FROM oc_groups;

(I’m assuming that you know how to open the command line client of your database)

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Thanks for the explanation. Yes, fine with querying the MariaDB database. Might be more useful if occ group:list displayed both.