Occ does not accept accents, Is this a bug?

I would like to know if this is specific to my installation and therefore to an error or if it is the same everywhere.

sudo -u nginx php -f /var/www/localhost/nextcloud/occ files:scan --all

I get

normalizing failed for "2. Présentation de l'interface.mp4"

it’s as if all files with a special character are considered with an error

Nextcloud does not support special characters?

Nextcloud version 20.07
Operating system and version alpine linuxe edge
PHP version PHP 7.4.11
Data base PostgreSQL 11

I also found this, who looks as my error,

Can someone help me ?

I’m still locking for a solution.

Do those files that throw errors come from an Apple device? I see this ptoblem on our NC for MAC users. Apple uses diffetent UTF-8 encoding. (Yes, there are different UTF-8 encodings…)

Also seeing this issue, remote sftp server. Not under our control. No mobile devices involved. Files generated by some automatic process on the vendor side. Added my comments to the GIT issue, but thought I would comment here as well.