Occ check show message":"Passwords runs occ in global mode" "version":""

Hi all,

I updated yesterday to VC I’m getting some strange Bad Gateway Errors and try to find out why.

Therefor I also run:
/var/www/html/nextcloud# sudo -u www-data php occ check

and got:

{“reqId”:“eULC3WHbqjbGZ9ccV5a1”,“level”:1,“time”:“2022-06-02T10:02:16+00:00”,“remoteAddr”:"",“user”:"–",“app”:“passwords”,“method”:"",“url”:"–",“message”:“Passwords runs occ in global mode”,“userAgent”:"–",“version”:“”}

My System show that Password Version 2022.5.10 is installed, the App shop show that I should have 2022.5.20 but there is no update shown on my system.

Any idea why and how to fix?

Thanks Dirk

There is nothing to fix here.

  • Passwords runs occ in global mode is an info log message that just means that passwords is not running in the context of any user account.
  • 2022.5.10 and 2022.5.20 are both the current version of the app. One for servers with PHP 7.3-7.4 and the other for servers with PHP 8.0-8.1