OCC and fulltextsearch - reindexing particular files after error

Dear all,

During indexing, various files are failed to be indexed because elasticsearch is crashed due to unknown reasons [No alive nodes found in your cluster].

Is there any method to re-index that particular failed file ?

Meanwhile, I shall be grateful if someone could point me to documentation of the syntax of “occ fulltextsearch” so that I could help myself. It seems that it’s not in the Admin Manual.




I’d suggest, that read head over to the actual web site of the fulltextsearch project on github and read the wiki. There is a command reference there, which will help you to at least only have to re-index the actual user account, where this happened. Also, indexing first perform a compare to the current index to find out which files still need indexing.

However, what I never had, was elastic search crashing on me - very strange…

Dear Budy,

I am not sure but…

I install elasticsearch container under docker, and after tuning the value of ES_JAVA_OPTS=-Xms512m -Xmx512m" (this is default setting) , it helps. Also, have you change the system config of : vm.max_map_count=262144 ?

Please see:

I will look into the configuration of elasticsearch later, after my system is up and running.


Hi @alexkcy,

I am not using elasticsearch with docker - I installed it right onto a dedicated VM. However, I changed -Xms/-Xmx to 4G. vm.max_map_count has not been altered.

Dear Budy,

Please let all us know if the situation is better after altering vm.max_map_count. Thanks !


I don’t understand… elasticsearch is running just fine for me. I am using it on two NC instances, one of which is a 1200+ user one, and it is running rock solid.

OH, I mis-read your message “However, what I never had, was elastic search crashing on me - very strange…”. I thought you said you experienced crashing.

I found out that ES crashes in my environment is because running out of RAM (I am greedy to do several tesseract jobs at the same time)


Great. Running several index-jobs concurrently, had also been on my agenda… but I do run ES on another host anyway, so that wouldn’t bother it.