Oc_filecache role in Nextcloud

Hi, i am wondering if someone can help me to understand the role of oc_filechache.

Recently I encountered a problem with corrupted datasets in oc_filecache. Reparing Table does not help so it was necessary to truncate the table.

After that all of my clients hat to resync completely with the server.

Because I tried to create a trigger in zabbix monitoring when file count decreased above a certain percentage (to get an alarm if a high amount of files are deleted). I used the monitor API and fetched the file count there.

Now my question:

The file count over the api never degreases no matter how much files are deleted.

But: As truncating my oc_filecache table I got alarm messages and saw. that file count in the maintenance api dropped to zero and started to increase.

Obviously, oc_filecache is the central database for all files in Nextcloud.

Here my questions:

  • Is there any other way to repair oc_filecache to prevent truncating and rebuilding the index?
  • Why is it that the filecount in the maintenance api does not reflect the real file count?