OC community edition vs enterprise edition


First of all this sounds like very good software with AGPL license. screenshots look good too. Thank you for making such a product and providing for free with open source code.

I am neither a great programmer nor a business user.

If I install nextcloud SNAP with ubuntu server, I believe I get community edition. Will this give me ability to install all features(apps) of NextCloud?

When I looked up at the website, things are not clearly stated in pricing comparison. So I want to know. Does community edition has all the features of enterprise edition?

My goal is to host all my documents (audio, video, files, notes etc.) on my personal ubuntu server and access them using my android devices remotely. I will try to do it myself if i get stuck I would like to go for once to twice paid support.

Kindly advice, so that I can make good decision on choice of software.

Thank you.

hi @rp.next welcome to this community :handshake:

in general Nextcloud is open source. Most (maybe all) apps as well… so you can install and use the system and apps from the app store for free. but apps are strictly speaking not part of the Nextcloud itself and could have another license. I’m not aware of any closed source app now but technically nothing speaks against such app - maybe not in the store but one could create an app which requires something special… good example from the store is Sharepoint integration or maybe AI integration apps which require additional 3rd party server/license… there are small limitation e.g. AiO system is limited to 100 users and free mobile push notifications service provided by GmbH is limited to 500 active users… a personal instance unlikely hits this limit.

“Enterprise edition” is another term for paid support contract with Nextcloud GmbH which doesn’t immediately result in a different software but provides professional support, longer maintenance (for end of life versions) maybe some votes in terms of the roadmap… but such contract requires 100+ users so as private user you have no choice :wink:

you can do. I run a family instance with ~1TB of data…

no chance. Enterprise edition is for enterprises! You are welcome to ask questions here but if you want paid support you have to find and hire them yourself. there is a :money_with_wings: Nextcloud freelancing category where you could ask but without success guaranties…


Thank you @wwe
Appreciate the help.

I will proceed to install and configure…

I think the most one-person-from-third-parties-supported-systems are not on-prem at home but in the cloud. Search Managed Nextcloud to get your own Nextcloud in the cloud you only manage at Nextcloud level but not on real software or database level. You can get up to 1 TB for 5 or 10 euros a month.

i tried MS 365 for few months. I hated it for several reasons.
want to have my own server, disk , full access etc.

Yes. But Managed Nextcloud in the cloud is a middle way.