Oc_calendarchanges in MySQL is very big

Nextcloud version 11.0.1
Operating system and version CentOS 6
Apache 2.2.15
PHP version 5.6

The issue you are facing:
In my MySQL database, the table oc_calendarchanges is very big (~430 MiB) and has more about 2 millions of lines.

My nextcloud installation is about 2 years old and was migrated from owncloud some months ago.

We have multiple calendars, some of them are shared with other users, the calendars were synchronized with mobiles and desktop computers multiple times a day.

The table oc_calendarobjects has less than 2000 entries, and the table oc_calendars shows less than 20 entries.

Now my question: Why is the table oc_calendarchanges so big? Is there a way to “clean” this table?

Thanks a lot

Regards Kriztan

I’m not familiar with all the internal db-stuff. It might be that some of the tables are related to the pre-NC/OC 9.0 era before CalDAV moved into core. So some suggest to delete some tables:

You are probably not the only one with such an issue, so it would be better to put this to the bugtracker (https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues) and get some feedback of the developers. Then, they can also establish a solution for everybody.