Observed DECK bugs

Deck version is latest available on NC 20.0.8 & NC 21.0.0.

  1. If card title exceeds 64 bytes (e.g. 32 symbols in russian) then ‘Add to project’ becomes impossible with error ‘Failed to create a project’.

  2. Very dangerous!
    Attachment added to a card via ‘Share from files’ cannot be detached via ‘Unshare file’, instead of unsharing, it will moved to recycle bin (or possible deleted permanently).

card title exceeds 64 bytes […] then ‘Add to project’

Attachment cannot be detached via ‘Unshare file’,

Please note that this is a support forum and not the proper place to report bugs. Developers usually will not read here, so please use the corresponding issue tracker platforms they provide (and fill in the complete issue templates in order to get quick bugfixes) :slightly_smiling_face:


I also can confirm this dangerous behaviour :rage:

In Deck attached files will be DELETED if unshared in Deck („Datei nicht mehr teilen“).

This bug needs to be corrected asap. Thanks.

Greetings Thomas

I usually don’t repeat myself, but again: there is already an issue for that:

@thomas_nc please also read my comment above for the future: This is a community driven support forum and not the proper place to report bugs :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi, thanks for your reply :relaxed:, apologies for my mistake.
Do you have an expectation for a fast solution for the described problem? When?
We are desperate because with this bug the users destroy (delete) our files multiple.
Greetings Thomas

Unfortunately not, because i am not a developer of the Deck server app.

Ich habe soeben an Julius Härtl direkt ein E-Mail geschickt, in der Hoffnung dieses Problem gelöst zu bekommen.

Leider noch nichts zu hören, ob wir damit rechnen können, dass dieser Fehler behoben wird.

@thomas_nc This is a thread in English, so please write in English, too.

we are still waiting to hear something regarding the described mistake (unshare deletes the file).

… we are still waiting … :frowning: … while the next version of deck 1.4.3 was published without having solved this issue

… does anybody know, whether if deck version 1.5. coming with netxloud 22, has addressed this issue?