Objectstorage (using Storj) - "Your storage is full, so no more files can be updated or synced!"

Hi guys!

I’m using Storj as my primary storage for several years now, without any problems. I also like shiny new toys, so I updated to NC 28. Versions 28.0.0 and 28.0.1 started to show me errors in the log, but because it didn’t affect anything negatively (as far as I was able to tell) I didn’t bother. Well, because I hoped that these error would magically disappear (why should they and why learn from the past ;p ) I updated to 28.0.2. Now I get presented with the message that my storage is full. Although I can’t determine if files are in fact nor stored and/or synced, I do see that new files show 0B size and the total amount is stuck at a nice and round 60GB.

Steps I already took to determine the cause:

  • Testet Storj itself by creating a new bucket and storing data via CLI [OK]
  • Created a test php (outside NC) to test the Storj PHP API [OK]
  • Did a rewrite of the Storj NC App because it is considered incompatible for several versions now
  • Fresh install of NC on a dev system

As far as I can say, the app works and NC acceps the bucket as its primary storage. Loggig in the first time, I immediately see the alert.

I understand that there have been made several changes to the storage backend during the last versions, so maybe it is necessary to adjust how I handle certain things in the app.

If someone of you could point me to some (good) tutorials concerning the proper way of implementing storage backends in NC >=28 that would be awesome. Perhaps someone can give me some advice.
Basically any help is appreciated at this point.

Thank you all and keep up the good work!

Do you have the default quota? If you’re the only user I think you can give yourself a huge fixed quota of like 1TiB to workaround. That is, if this is the same known bug I’m thinking of.

I don’t have a quota → unlimited
And as I said: It happens on a fresh install with no userdata on it at all

I don’t have a quota → unlimited

Yes, and I’m saying give yourself a large quota. If that fixes it, it’s a known bug that’ll be fixed soon. If not, it’s something different.

I’ll be damned! You are right!
I gave myself a huge quota, now the alert is gone and files have sizes again.
Thank you so much!

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Glad to hear it. I believe this is the issue:

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