Oauth to allow nextcloud users to connect on Wordpress

Hi everybody,

Is anyone tryed to connect nextcloud with wordpress using oauth or anything else ?
I am trying to allow nextcloud users to use their same login/password to publish on Wordpress.
I always get an invalid token message…

I dont want to manage 2 different list of users.

How can I do this ?


You can use an LDAP (Active Directory) user database on both…

thank you but it’s impossible for me to implement this kind of service on my provider platform.

Might do the trick, but I have not tested it myself yet.

I’ve tried the daggerhart/openid-connect-generic WP plugin with Nextcloud as OAuth2-Provider. No luck so far. Able to grant WP access to Nextcloud-OAuth and authenticate user via Nextcloud login screen, but I then get stuck on exactly the same ‘invalid-token-response’ error as described by someone else here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/62931154/error-invalid-token-response-wordpress-5-4-2-oauth2-client-nextcloud-19

We successfully added OAuth authentication via Nextcloud to our FrontDoor Inbox (SaaS Ticket System) service.

We have been looking at doing this as a WordPress plugin as well. But there should be plenty of OAuth plugins already available for WordPress, maybe have a look at how they’re doing it?

Actually there are just 2 OAUTH SERVER plugins for wordpress… and none of those work with nextcloud out of the box.

There is plenty of oauth client, but providers I just could find 3, one doesnt even instakll in the lateste wordpress yet.

Im weeks trying to get it to work.

I know it’s an old thread but this page kept coming up when I was searching for a way to login to WordPress with Nextcloud, needless to say, I couldn’t get any of the generic plugins to work so I built my own Tim's Nextcloud SSO OAuth2 – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org
It is new so if you do have any problems just reach out.

I haven’t been able to with all of the above either, even with
Tim’s Nextcloud SSO OAuth2 – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org, indicated by Timoxendale

However, I have done very well with OAuth Single Sign On – SSO (OAuth Client) By miniOrange from wordpress.org. Installation is very simple, step by step.

So, you are saying this is working for you.

Yes, this works perfectly.
Also, I use WPS Hide Login to easily and securely change the URL of the login form page in Wordpress, and with this miniOrange plugin I have no problem identifying myself with Nextcloud.