Notify when uploaded into a public share - how?


I want notifications when someone else uploads a file into a public share (a folder shared with public link). I don’t see it here

Tips? Thanks!

An upload by link was successful does not match?

I don’t know, notifications do not come when it’s enabled and a file is uploaded by anonymous user…

edit: it looks like a deeper issue, I’m not getting any notifications anywhere, despite being enabled.

Your cronjobs are running regularly (check in the admin menu, it should show when it was run for the last time)? Also check if mails are sent out.

Yes, cronjobs are running (last run 2 minutes ago) and test email is arriving as expected. I have now enabled notifications for everything via push and email in both Personal and Administration and yet, no notifications on either Mac and iPhone (official NC apps). Notifications are enabled on both systems, do not disturb is not active.