Notify Push setup but not less load on the server?


I’ve successfuly installed notify_push app expecting less load on my server (mainly using Group Folders) caused by Desktop Sync clients, but it changes nothing, my server keeps serving PROPFIND requests ever and ever to Desktop clients, is this normal?

# occ notify_push:self-test
βœ“ redis is configured
βœ“ push server is receiving redis messages
βœ“ push server can load mount info from database
βœ“ push server can connect to the Nextcloud server
βœ“ push server is a trusted proxy
βœ“ push server is running the same version as the app


you can check if notify_push usage using following command

occ notify_push:metrics
  • Active connections should increase/decrease if NC client is started/stopped
  • file change should result in β€œmessage send”
  • grep your nextcloud.log file for PROPFIND - without notify_push every client performs such operation every 30sec if it works this happens every 5 min (I think)

you can do self test as well
docker exec --user www-data dev-nextcloud-app php occ notify_push:self-test

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Thanks, but as the flood of PROPFIND requests is never ending, how can I tell if notify_push makes a difference or not? Main purpose of this should be a reduced server load, but it changes nothing (with ou without notify_push, load is the same because of the continuous PROPFIND requests from sync clients).

# occ notify_push:metrics
Active connection count: 45
Active user count: 31
Total connection count: 2435
Total database query count: 1709
Events received: 1124088
Messages sent: 37850

@bloo I have same problems, do you found some issues ?

Nextcloud 27.1.9
MariadB 10.5
Redis cache
Debian 12

They are still supposed to happen regularly, but less often.

Do you mean CPU load? If yes, how high is it? Are people working in the webUI or are files beeing downloaded/uploaded while the load is high or is the high load only caused by the PROPFIND requeests? How many clients are connected?

In my case (2 clients connected at the moment) the PROPFIND requests cause a spike in CPU load of about 1.3%. However, they are actually less frequent when Notify Push is on, coming in every 5 minutes instead of every 30 seconds as @wwe said.

Hello @bb77

if I look logs for a user with or without push_notify I have PROPFIND request all 30s not all 5 minutes.

With have 25 active users with sync with push_notify metrics.