Notifications page is completely different after update

I am trying to use Nextcloud for my group of families and replace Synology.

Is the description I give below a bug, or have I done something wrong?

I installed Nextcloud 27.0.1and upgraded it one month later to 27.1.0
I am using the stable version of the code and not subscribing to any untested bleeding edge versions.

My issue: The notification screen has completely changed.
It is no longer a screen of applications and features allowing me to select email and push selections.

The previous version is much more functional, How can I change it back?

I have included the screens from before and the current view

Nextcloud version 27.1.0
Ubuntu 22.04.03 LTS with all updates and upgrades
Apache 2.4.52
PHP version 8.1

This is the only image I have left to send.
Please ignore the yellow highlighter, I was explaining something to someone else.

The first screenshot is the view from the personal notifications page under this url:

while the later is the view from the admin section for notification under this url:

Much luck,

Hi Ernolf,
Thank you for your super quick response.
I have spent a couple of months re-learning how to use Linux and began with Rocky with nextcloud.

Rocky, Onlyoffice and Nextcloud didnt work well. I finally gave up this summer when Redhat abandoned Centos.

Ubuntu has been much simpler.
It has taken me a month to build, try and play around with it and I am quite pleased with the result.

I am almost ready to give up my Synology NAS that are now over 6 years old.

Well done so far for your effort on the project.

Hi Ernolf,

I took another look and tried both a my normal user account and my administrator account.

Screen 1 shows my personal notification settings.

Screen 2 shows my admin’s personal notification settings

Screen 2.1 shows my admin’s ‘Administration’ settings.

They all appear to be the same. Am I doing something else wrong?


It looks like a caching issue.
Refresh the page and your cache (Ctrl - R with Chrome)

Much luck,