Notifications on public shared calendars do not work

I am trying to share an event created in a public calendar in Nextcloud.

I have noticed that you can assign a notification to the event or group of events setting how long before, and how people should be notified:

Schermata 2022-11-23 alle 17.30.24

after that I click on ┬┤Update this and all future┬┤ This works for new events, but not for events created before sharing the calendar publicly. Is it the way it is supposed to work?

Ways to replicate:

  1. Create a public calendar
  2. Create an event
  3. Share the calendar
  4. Change notifications in the event (they wonÔÇÖt be saved)

It would be great if people were able to subscribe to public events or to public calendars and get all updates on events created there. See also this post on github

Thaks for all the good work!