Notifications on Android (no google)

Nextcloud version: 27.11.5 (AIO 7.9.0)
Operating system: Ubuntu Server 22.04
PHP version: 8.1.26

The issue you are facing:
I am unsure of the best way to receive notifications on Android. I want to see when backups are successful/unsuccessful etc.

I can’t/won’t receive notifications through FCM, as I am not comfortable with using Google services, and do not have Google services installed on my GrapheneOS phone. I see there is an app called NextcloudServices on F-Droid, however what would be even better is to receive notifications via Unified Push ( Is this possible?

please follow this thread Dealing with push notifications all the topics are discussed there - why it is designed this way and what are alternatives (no good alternatives for vanilla Android)…

You might find some of the existing Issues on this topic in the Android repo of interest.

Feel free to upvote, comment, etc. on the ones most of interest to you.

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