Notifications not working

Friend has shared a file with me, I comment on the file but he gets no notification (bell)

Announcements, admin posts an announcement no notification is shown, this has only worked once but has never worked since.

Any ideas ?

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Can you provide more information? Logfiles, version used, … if not we can’t try to reproduce this problem.

I just saw this post, so it’s probably 11.0.2:

Fixed problem by changing from AJAX to Cron.


This only works for announcements still.

If a file is shared between multiple users and you comment on the image for example, should a notification pop up for the other user ?

Can you tag people in comments so people know when you have wrote a comment ?

You have the activity settings on your personal page. You can put comments on files on the list for the activity stream and also to send mail notifications. Did you enable that?

Thats enabled on both users.

I mention a user by @username and it shows there avatar on the comment.(We both have access to the file.)
I would expect a bell notification for this though not just an activity or email ?

Should you not get a bell notification if you was mentioned in a file ?

Email works fine, but I would like a bell notification so the user knows as soon as they log in.

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Hello, I am aware this thread is a couple of months old, but we are facing the exact same problem as ddanielww and are interested whether there is some solution available?

Thank you in advance & kind regards.

Problem persists on latest version, going unresolved till now !