Notifications don't work on any browser

Hello Everyone,

I installed Nextcloud server 15.0.2 and configured the ‘Talk’ app. I ensured the Notifications app is installed and enabled. When a message is received, there is no notification sounds or the browser window where I have the Nextcloud site opened does not blink.

I tried Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98, Firefox 64.0.2 and Internet Explorer 11.523.17134.0. No luck.

Can you assist?

My Nextcloud server is running on Ubuntu 18.04.

Thank you

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Have you ever found a fix for this?

NOtifications still not working. Do you have a fix?

Are you referring to sound notifications?

No visuals

Same issue. Notifications on any browser never worked. Also with the latest nexcloud 23.0.4 installed on ubuntu 20.04, php-fpm 8.0.18 and mariadb 10.3.34.
I tried with safari, chrome, edge, firefox, opera, but never worked.
The notifications works only with the android app.

Notifications should work if they are allowed in the browser and the session where the new message comes in is not opened in browser.

Are you using the Google Play talk app or F-Droid (no notifications) ?

of course… is the first thing i did. I allowed all notifications from the nextcloud site and of the browsers. Unfortunatelly doesn’t works.
And worst, without any logical explanation, sometimes works, but a message notification appears after 30-60 seconds from sending.