Notification 22.2.4 available?!

I got a notification in my nextcloud instance, that release 22.2.4 is available. When I open the updater it says that 22.2.3 is up to date.
Has this release been withdrawn?

Quite possible, the latest I can see is matching your version as well.

Ich bin bei Version 23.0.1

Yes it has been withdrawn Revert "[production] 21.08, 22.2.4 and 23.0.1 final " by skjnldsv · Pull Request #707 · nextcloud/updater_server · GitHub


Why was it pulled?

Wow, already delayed a complete month from the initial release schedule and still not production ready … what’s going on?

Thanks for your answer @q-wertz . Would be nice to see an official statement on the releases page.

I am on 22.2.4. Did the update a few days ago. So, do I have to worry now??? :worried:

Maybe one of these is related

Think this is already discussed here

22.2.4 is still in rc4 here…

I was notified of this update (22.2.4) aswell. I ran the update (using ZFS and runs all in LXC, so I made a snapshot and used the --no-backup flag on CLI update), and ended up being updated to 23.0.0?!
Everything seems to work brilliantly so far, and 23 is including some long awaited new features and performance enhancement, so not sorry now. However I got sweaty and scared that it updated to 23 and not 22.2.4 when it was the latter I exspected.

I too upgraded to 22.2.4. Doing a restore now would be very disruptive. I’m concerned that I stumbled across this issue by chance and that there is no notification showing.

It’s unclear to me what the issue is? Major or minor? Any steps I should be making to minimise the issue? Finally what will be the resolution? Will it be 22.2.5 or if 22.2.4 gets re-released will it be If not how will my Admin settings overview tell me to upgrade to the patched version?

Surely an answer should be posted urgently - if hopefully only to say “nothing much to worry about”. Or otherwise …

The reason why they are holding the updates back is beacuse there are issues with the update process itself. At least that’s how I understand the answer in this thread: Any security concerns due to changes in release status of 23.0.1 and 22.2.4? If that’s the case they could just re-release when they fixed it. Any further changeses and bugfixes would of course have to be released as a seperate release with a higher version number. But if you already have it installed and had no issues while upgrading, there is nothing to worry about imo.

Thank you for that. It wouldn’t be the first time one was upgraded to a major version when one had selected a minor upgrade. I got caught on that a version or two ago.

But this time it did work properly (for me) and I am on 22.2.4. Thankfully. I prefer waiting for the third revision of any major release before moving. A lesson Microsoft taught me long ago.

Please report issues with the updater app in the corresponding repository:

If the issue exists, you can add information if you think it will help (same problem on different setup/config, so it’s easier to spot if the problem is linked or not linked to a specific feature), a thumbs up on the initial post shows that you have the same problem.

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答复**:** Nextcloud community
日期**:** 2022年2月2日 星期三 上午4:54

February 1

I got a notification in my nextcloud instance, that release 22.2.4 is available. When I open the updater it says that 22.2.3 is up to date.
Has this release been withdrawn?

I do get a notification that release 22.2.4 is available, but when I click into it, in Admin-Overview, it shows the latest version as Nextcloud 22.2.3, checked at 2021.2.2 9:07

Benedikt Merz via Nextcloud community <> 於 2022年2月2日 週三 上午6:04寫道:

Hello Benedikt,

I have noticed on my instance that you actually need to double refresh the Overview, here:

Meaning click it once, the page refreshes, when you hover over “i” icon it will show some previous time (day?) it checked for new version, and then you need to click Overview again, then “i” icon, after hovering over it, shows current day and time.

I hope it helps.